Although analysis and experience data are helpful complements to shake table testing, they are not acceptable substitutes according to the IBC® and CBC. Dynamic Certification Laboratories is committed to the highest level of accuracy in seismic certification, and this is accomplished through shake table testing.

The implementation of shake table testing is growing in response to the requirements set forth by legislation in ASCE/SEI 7-16 Section 13.2, Acceptance Criteria (AC) 156, the 2022 California Building Code Section 1708A, and Code Application Notices (CAN) 2-1708A.5 and 2-1613A.1, as referenced in the paragraph below.

The current legislation requires that essential equipment in category IV buildings undergo shake table testing, and that functionality of the equipment be verified pre and post-test. DCL contracts with multiple laboratories across the country and established its own seismic testing laboratory in Sparks, NV in an effort to assist in compliance with these above mentioned requirements.